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I wouldn't go without the internet, it's so full of good stuff. But it does challenge my willpower.

Every now and then I find a treasure trove of information or conversation. TV Tropes, Facebook and livejournal were like this for me before. The more I read, the more links to other interesting stuff I find. Or I move the web browser closer to my brain. First a PC in my room, then a laptop I could read in bed, now a phone I can keep in my pocket and read anywhere.

The latest one's Twitter, and all the links to web pages on there. I've discovered there's a website with instructions for making aerogels, and encouragement to make them. I've discovered heaps of articles about programming. I discovered a video demo of an augmented reality system to help soldiers repair tanks. I discovered an article about making money as an independent musician. And of course heaps of people writing about twitter itself.

I've also recently discovered Kevin Smith's podcast called Smodcast, but that wasn't from twitter.

As before I tend to read so much stuff I forget most of it, which is kind of unsatisfying. And I don't get to bed early enough.

Advice to self: write down interesting links to read them later. Take time to write my own thoughts instead of jumping from one to another of other peoples. And don't get hooked on reading the infinite supply of people arguing with each other.
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