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I've been trying out some of the new smaller
roguelike games, some which have been made for 7 day roguelike challenges.

ChessRogue was one I'd played before, but there's a newer version which allegedly makes it a bit easier on the later levels. It breaks a lot of the roguelike conventions. There's no hit points, you can see the whole level, there's no character levels (but there is character advancement) and there's several other differences. I think the character advancement is more interesting actually, it's very satisfying getting the new powers. The game feels partly like a series of puzzles: learn a way to defeat pawns until you get the power that makes that easy, then how to defeat the mobile bishops (some are easy since they're stuck in a corridor with no diagonal moves available). Defeat enough knights and they become easy, except in their ever increasing numbers they can be a challenge. I really like this one for its novelty relative to other games.

Quest for Pants I found this one a bit frustrating, and it reminds me of the original rogue. Not much more to say about it since I haven't played that much. Still quite impressive for a game made in 7 days.

Frozen Depths seems like it was made to demonstrate an alternative to food and hunger. The temperature system has some similarities and some differences compared to a hunger system, and it seems like much more of the focus for the game. Starting off naked is a little unrealistic but never mind. The monsters do somehow have a different feel to other games, but I wonder if it's just their names. The icey depths also feel a bit different from a regular dungeon. This one's interesting because it makes the setting different with lots of small differences.

Tried some of the windows games in wine, with two problems: two of the diagonal movement keys didn't work, and the most interesting one, Dwarf Fortress didn't work.

Played just a little bit of Z-Day the zombie-themed game, but I think I need to read the instructions to get much further.



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